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TS2 Basement Tutorial

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1TS2 Basement Tutorial Empty TS2 Basement Tutorial on Sun May 27, 2007 10:05 pm


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Site admin
An easy way to make a basement is:

1) Put down your foundation.

2) Use CTRL and drag the foundation tool to remove some of the
foundation from the middle (leave at least one square of foundation
around the outside):

TS2 Basement Tutorial Snapshot_00000002_7014f22d

3) Go to the terrain levelling tool (little spade) and choose to dig down:

TS2 Basement Tutorial Snapshot_00000002_d014f240

4) Dig down 16 clicks and level the ground. I usually put a piece
of wallpaper (with kickboard) on the inside of the foundation so I can
see how far down to go:

TS2 Basement Tutorial Snapshot_00000002_f014f2ce

5) The basement should now be the same height as a regular wall.
You should now be able to add proper walls so you can divide up the
basement space into rooms, corridors, whatever. You can also add

TS2 Basement Tutorial Snapshot_00000002_7014f306

6) To add floor tiles to the level above, start adding tiles on the
remaining foundation around the edge, then you should find the game
adds places to add more tiles.

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